Spoil your love for Valentine’s Day

Spoil your love for Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you but I am very excited for Valentines Day coming up just next week! Although my boyfriend will be out of town I have a few ideas to surprise him next time i see him, I am sharing those with you today. We tend to be more home bodies so I will probably set up a picnic in the living room or at the beach. I also love the stay at home date ideas such as movie night, cooking dinner or cookies together, or just having a picnic inside.

There is also a few ideas I would be very thankful to come home to…. Hint hint. The post-it notes on the mirror and coupon books would be a wonderful thing to wake up to.

  1. Decorate your wall or mirror with post it notes of why you love him

  2. Put one of your favorite pictures on a pillow
  3. Make cute heart-shaped food
  4. Setup a picnic with all your favorite goods
  5. Show how much you love him by giving him personal coupons
  6. Create a book that has all the reason you love him on lovebook.com
  7. Give him a variety of gifts that he’ll love
    I hope this post gives you some inspiration, be sure to post what you end up doing and tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

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