I don’t know about you but my Christmas dinner will include quite a few pies. My family loves dessert almost more than the main course so it’s time to find some inspiration. I went to instagram for some ideas and was a little overwhelmed with all the options. I decided to compile some of my favorites here to make the search a little easier for you. Let us know what type of pies you will be making this holiday season.

  1. This s’mores pie looks so simple and would be a crowd pleaser.


  2. If you want to impress the extended family these fancy coconut pies would do the trick!


  3. The ever classic apple pie

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    If you haven't noticed I'm a little addicted to this rustic tart lately. I'm calling this version, Apple Tart with Ruffled Edges. It's just perfect for Thanksgiving. First it's a single crust 'pie', therefore not too heavy after the most epic meal of the year with only 1 tbsp of sugar. Best of all it scores lots of pretty points with this frilly crust design but without a time consuming technique. The recipe is on my website, link is above. Check out the full demo on my stories today. DM me if you have any questions and more importantly let me know if you plan to make it. I'll be making a few pear and apple versions myself, let's just say I'm grateful to have several Thanksgivings to drop in on. Hope you all have fun preparing for the best holiday πŸ¦ƒ. Happy Thanksgiving. **full disclosure, this demo uses Granny Smith apples as a sub, and the skin was a little tough after baking. I suggest peeling Granny Smiths or follow the original directions in the recipe, I love how it turned out with Macouns (see my previous posts for that pic) #jkimpies #pieseason 🌿 #jkimrecipes #cheesebutterlove #mywilliamssonoma #feedfeed #f52pie #eatmunchies #happythanksgiving

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  4. Or you could always just buy a few miniature pies and stack them with ice cream.


  5. This decadent lemon meringue pie is a bit more technical but so worth it.


  6. These adorable small pies would make perfect gifts!


  7. More apple pie, because DUH


  8. This crust detailing can’t be that difficult… right?





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