How to spruce up your apartment

How to spruce up your apartment



  • New doormats or kitchen mats

This may seem like a small thing but it’s a nice inexpensive way to brighten the entryway and common areas of a small space.

  • Add shelving to empty corners or blank wall spaces

This one seems a little more difficult however this box shelving unit is fairly simple to put together. Box shelves are also great if you aren’t allowed to put nails in the wall. All you need is some wooden crates, wood stain, a drill and some screws. There is also the option of floating shelves, which I LOVE! They tend to look very effortless and simple but add a nice touch.

  • Real plants and fresh flowers

I have always loved keeping fresh flowers on the kitchen counter. You can take it a step further with real plants and succulents, I am terrible about keeping plants alive but succulents take very little work. Keeping plants in your home can also naturally filter the air.

  • String lights and tapestries

While this decor is more fitting above a bed but it can also look super cute above the couch. I have also been digging a world map tapestry on amazon, the options are endless!

  • Spruce up your entertainment center/TV

Adding a few simple shelves and mounting the TV to the wall can make it look like a totally new living room. Also adding a few cute photos or graphic canvases can make that area more than just the entertainment center.

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