How To Make A DIY Infinity Bracelet In 4 Easy Steps

How To Make A DIY Infinity Bracelet In 4 Easy Steps

Creating cute jewelry pieces from wire is so simple! Here is how to make a diy wire infinity bracelet. These are the materials and tools that you will need for this project:


  • 16 Gauge Wire
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flat Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

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Step 1: Grab the wire and then bend it around the pliers, crossing it over to form an “X” shape.




Step 2: Now go to the other side of the wire and curve it around until you are happy with the shape.


Make sure to wrap any excess wire around the end like so.



Step 3: Find something circular and roughly the size of your wrist. Wrap the wire around that object until it looks like a bracelet.




Step 4: Now make a little clasp at the end and then hook it on the end of the infinity loop to close the bracelet.

There you go! A cute wire bracelet in (4) EASY steps! Post a picture of your DIY Bracelet in the comments below!



Watch the video tutorial from simpleDIY’s here:


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