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7 Easy Heat Free Hairstyles

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Heat Free Hairstyles to help you beat the heat!


School may be back in, but the Summer heat will linger for a while. Here are 7 easy heat free hairstyles to help you look beautiful through the rest of the summer. My personal fave is #4! I love how easy it is to do. What do you think of these hairstyles?


1. How to create a Bow:


2. How to create a 4 strand lace braid:


Guys, this is a great step-by-step on a four strand lace braid from @makemebella___ ! Check it out! “Separate your hair in to 4 strands. Take the strand on the far left and weave it over the second strand, under the one after that and back over the last strand. That last strand that was on the far right is now 3rd along, so that’s what you want to use next to weave it over the second strand & under the first. The first strand is now the second strand so continue with it going under the next and over the last. Continue to weave back & forth to create your 4 strand braid! To make it a lace braid simply pull on the outer loops either side when done. 🔆 TIP💡 – don’t use the same strand that you’ve just weaved to weave back the other way, otherwise it won’t work. I kept doing this 🙈 it takes practise! 🎶 Lost frequencies – Are you with me ” ⠀ @ShortHair #videos #hairstyle #peinado #braid @ShortHair #peinados #video #hair #hairstyles @ShortHair #penteado #braids #fashion #hairtutorial #instagram A video posted by Cute Hair Tips (@hair.video) on


3. Fauxhawk for shorter hair:

A fauxhawk that works for shorter hair! @sarahpotempa ⠀ Tag a friend who would like this!

A video posted by Short Hair (@shorthair) on


4. Twist Buns:



5. Quick and Easy Bun:


6. Amazing Braid:


Beautiful hairstyle! 😍❤️ Done by this amazing mom @sweethearts_hair_design 👏🏼 #diyhairstyle #hairstyle A video posted by DIY Hairstyle (@diy.hairstyle) on


7. Easy Bun:


Let us know which if your fave in the comments! Do you have any you would like to share? 

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