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How to Use Mirrors to Decorate a Room

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I know I’ve asked my question a million times: “How can I use mirrors to decorate a room?” Who’s with me?

There are a number of ways to decorate your wall, however, not all of them will give the illusion of a bigger space. When you use mirrors with your home decor, you can bring a small space to life. You can also add pizzazz with unique mirrors and placement!


1. Use unique mirrors to personalize your space.

In this design they used several different wicker framed mirrors. 

use mirrors to decorate a room
via houseandgarden.co.uk


2. This mirror adds to the decor of the room and it’ uniqueness also grabs your attention.

I’m sure you could DIY this one with a bit of wood, a framed mirror and some paint. 

use mirrors to decorate a room
via freshome.com


3. Add a personal touch to your fire place. Instead of the usual one piece mirror over the fire place, use 2 uniquely shaped mirrors.

You want to use 2 matching uniquely shaped mirrors for this design. 

use mirrors to decorate a room
via sunset.com


4. You could also use 1 large mirror with an empty frame to give a layered look above the fireplace

With this design use 1 framed mirror with 1 smaller empty frame to accomplish the layered look!

use mirrors to decorate a room
via housebeautiful.com


5. Use your fireplace during the summer with candles and a mirror!

Lean a mirror up and place candles in front of it to update your fireplace for summer and give the space it’s own personality when you won’t be using it.

use mirrors to decorate a room
via realsimple.com


6. Use a mirror wall to give more perceived space.

There are many ways to create a mirror wall from several horizontal rectangular mirrors to several vertical mirrors like the image below.

use mirrors to decorate a room
via elledecor.com


How do you use mirrors to decorate a room?

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