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The BEST 10 Pallet Projects for Kids

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When it comes to Pallet projects, the sky truly is the limit! These are the Top 10 Designs for Kids that we located! Number 10 is my ABSOLUTE Favorite! What do you think?

If you’re looking for adult pallet projects, check out our other blog post here.

A HUGE Thank you to 99Pallets.com, 1001Pallets.com, thecraftingchicks.com and decozilla.com (links provided under every picture to the site to see the plans and all information available to each design)!

1. Pallet Playhouse

via decozilla.com

2. Arbor Bench for Kids

via thecraftingchicks.com

3. Bench for Kids

via 99pallets.com

4. Toy Basket

via 99pallets.com

5. Pallet Mini Kitchen

via 99pallets.com

6. Pallet Sandbox

via 99pallets.com

8. Pallet Jungle Gym

via 99pallets.com

9. Wood Pallet Furniture for Kids

via 99pallets.com

10. Tim Burton Fairy Tale Kids Pallet Hut

fairy tale kids pallet hut
via 1001pallets.com

Don’t forget to tell us which one is your FAVORITE!


  • martha says:

    These are some really awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing!

    • Carla Federico says:

      Hey Martha,

      We’re happy to share! If you have any topics you’d like an article on, just comment here and let us know! Thank you for reading!

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