Crafts Best of the Best – Chalk Paint Recipe

Best of the Best – Chalk Paint Recipe

If you are on this blog, more than likely you are into repainting and giving life to old furniture. If this is you then you HAVE to try chalk paint. It’s a great time saver, as it’s a type of paint that adheres really well, and saves you from having to prime or prep if you …

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Crafts 19 Unique Mason Jar Crafts

19 Unique Mason Jar Crafts

If you’ve ever gotten lost on Pinterest or tried your hand at pretty much anything DIY, you’re probably come across with one of the most popular pieces of glassware: The Mason Jar. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny both its utility and inherent cuteness. 1. Beautiful vases Via 2. Tumbler Via 3. Soap Dispenser Via 4. …

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Crafts 10 DIY Dining Tables

10 DIY Dining Tables

1. Living Edge Table Via 2. Farm House Table Via 3. Door Table Via 4. Classic Farm Table Via 5. Triple Pedestal Via 6. Industrial farmhouse table Via 7. Metal Pipe Table Via 8. Country Chic Table Via 9. Plank Table Via 10. Pottery Barn Inspired Table Via

Crafts 15 Wall Decor Ideas

15 Wall Decor Ideas

Do you ever feel stuck with your walls? For so long I had no idea what to put on my walls, hopefully these 15 Wall Decor Ideas will help you, and inspire you to get your hands dirty this weekend. My person favorite is the Pallet Clock! 1. DIY Oversized Pallet Clock Via 2. DIY …

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