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Traveling Doesn’t Have To Be Hard! 10 Ways To Entertain Your Kids On The Road With AND Without Electronics

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Welcome to the 4th of July Weekend! We know that traveling with your family does not need to be hard. Here are 12 ways to help make traveling easier! We searched high and low for 10 ways to entertain the kiddos while on the road. Let us know what you do to make travel easier in the comments!


This might sound like a silly reminder, but charge all electronics before hitting the road and bring the charger just in case! Hitting the road with dead electronics is absolutely no fun!

1. Tablets: Download any apps that your child may like to try on the trip, give them lots of options including books to read.

2. Gaming systems (Nintendo DS, VTech, LeapFrog) – Consider headphones it might save you from having to endure the game music for the whole trip. Headphones will give you a chance to reset too.

3. Digital Cameras – this will allow them to help capture photos for you to use later when you’re sharing your adventure.

4. Portable DVD Player for their favorite movies (don’t forget the movies! 🙂 )

5. Audio Books – this way as a family you can learn more about almost anything!

As always, comfortable pillows and blankets for naps!

no electronics

1. Plan a Road Trip Scrapbook: Give each child an age appropriate task: taking pictures, pointing out interesting scenery for pictures, doodling on paper for the scrapbook… Let your imagination run wild!

2. Count cars, by make, model or color depending on ages.

3. An oldie but still a goodie – I Spy

4. Activity Books – Coloring books, fill in the blanks, puzzles, mazes, sticker books… The sky is the limit!

5. Toys – from their favorites to a NEW Surprise toy on the road, it’s always great to have them!

As always, comfortable pillows and blankets for naps!

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