How To Make A No-Sew Pillow Sham

How To Make A No-Sew Pillow Sham

thumbnailEveryone loves decorative pillows, am I right? They can add such a pop of color to the living room or bedroom. However, they can be expensive and sometimes sewing a pillow cover is NOT an option.

Well, here is a SIMPLE, quick tutorial that will knock your socks off on how easy it can be to transform your old pillows into new ones.


Here are the materials you will need:

  • 1: (1) Yard of fabric (make it pretty!)
  • 2: An old pillow that desperately needs a make-over




Step 1:

Take your yard of fabric, fold it into a square and then lay it down so it’s in a diamond shape.

step 1



Step 2:

Now take the corner in front of you, put it on top of the pillow and roll it over. Like so.



Step 3:

Now take the other corner and wrap it around as well.
Fabric_Wrapping_No_sew_Pillow_Sham (1)



Step 4:

Now take that corner and fold it under, so it’s an even square in the middle of the pillow.

step 4



Step 5:

Tuck in the edges of the fabric on each of the (4) corners, just like if you were wrapping a gift.

step 5



Step 6:

Take the (2) edges of fabric on each side and then tie a double knot.

step 6



Step 7:

You can leave the ends as is, or you can tuck them under like so.

step 7



There you have it! An easy way to update an old pillow and make it look gorgeous!




Watch the video tutorial here:


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