DIY Independence Day Monogrammed Chevron Shirt

DIY Independence Day Monogrammed Chevron Shirt

DIY Independence Day Monogrammed Chevron Shirt

So at home one day inspired to get crafty I decided to try to make some shirts for my toddler grandsons. With summer on the rise and July 4th coming up I decided to make them Independence Day shirts. I experimented with a few things but ultimately decided the chevron shirt with personal initials was my favorite.


                                                                                                                                                                            I started out with some simple supplies:

  1. Toddler/infant t-shirt
  2. Fabric paint
  3. Chevron stamp that I picked up from Michael’s Craft store 
  4. Letter Stencils
  5. Kitchen plate
  6. Glass of water
  7. Paint Brush
  8. And finally a paper towel for cleanup


I recommend practicing on the paper towel before going straight to the shirt and this will also help you decide exactly what pattern you like.

The first step is to take your paint, plate, and stamp and spread the paint thickly on the plate and dip your stamp in the paint.


Next you need to smooth the paint out with a brush.


Here comes the fun part we get to stamp the shirt (or the paper towel if you’re still practicing). 


Now time to wait… and wait… or you could always blow dry it 😉 Now you need to pick out your letters and prepare for where you want them to be placed.


Now pick a new color for the letters and smooth it out on a clean plate.  Next you need to stipple with a stenciling brush and stencil one letter at a time.


Don’t forget to clean up right away because fabric paint dries really fast. This is really fun to play around with different stamps and ways to place it. I’m thinking of even adding stars to the collar to make it more festive! Have fun! 😉


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