16 Awesome Pallet Projects You Can’t Miss

16 Awesome Pallet Projects You Can’t Miss

Some of these Pallet Projects surpassed our expectations! These are great! I am getting to work on 8 and 9! Which ones are your favorite?

If you are looking for a Pallet Project for the kids, check out our other blog here.

A HUGE Thank you to 99Pallets.com, 1001Pallets.com, instructables.com and mobilehomeliving.com (links provided under every picture to the site to see the plans and all information available to each design)!

1. Create a shadow box

shadow box 2
shadow box
via instructables.com

2. Mudroom Stand

mudroom stand
via mobilehomeliving.org

3. Kitchen Trash Can

via 1001pallets.com

4. Coffee Table

pallet coffee table
via 1001pallets.com


5. Rustic Pallet Picture Frame

via 1001pallets.com

6. DIY Pallet Loungers

via 99pallets.com

7. DIY Pallet Buffet and Kitchen Island

via 99pallets.com

8. DIY Pallet Kitchen Spice Rack and Roll Holder

via 99pallets.com

9. Pallet Cabinet for Big Storage

via 99pallets.com

10. Pallet Media Stand with Drawers

via 99pallets.com

11. ANOTHER Great Design for Pallet Media Stand with Drawers

via 99pallets.com


12. DIY Distressed Aqua Blue Chest

via 99pallets.com

13. Garbage Holder Bin

via 99pallets.com

14. Rustic Pallet Night Stand with Storage

via 99pallets.com


15. Jewelry or Accessories Organizer

via 99pallets.com


16. Family Name Plates

via 99pallets.com



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    1. Hey Miranda,

      We agree! These are great projects! The spice rack is on our To-Do list too! Post some pictures when you get yours done! We’d love to share! Thank you for reading!

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