14 Awesome DIY Jewelry Holders

14 Awesome DIY Jewelry Holders

If you’re anything like me then you can’t stand your jewelry to be tangled in a wad on your dresser, if so then these DIY Jewelry holders are the perfect match for you!

1. Ring Holder

Classic piece – DIY Style.


Via fantasticviewpoint.com

2. Antler Holder

If you’re lucky enough to poses some Antlers or at least to be able to find them somewhere, then you can make a wonderful jewelry display with them. All you have to do is basically paint the tips with acrylic paint and, if you want, to apply glitter to the tips as well.


Via sisterssuitcaseblog.com

3. Hardware Wear

This week my project was to create something using items from a hardware store. I created a jewelry holder using wooden pallet pieces, copper pipe fittings, teal wood stain, and some E-6000 glue.


Via thecreativityjar.blogspot.ca


4. Hang it up

I love my jewelry, and I love wearing it. I hate trying to fish through a bowl or a shelf to find a matching earring though. I decided I need to create something that could hold my jewelry and be super cute at the same time. This is the DIY jewelry organization I came up with!


Via just-between-friends.com


5.Utensil Earring Holder

Jewelry organization solution, use a $10 Ikea utensil holder to hold earrings and necklaces!


Via sisterssuitcaseblog.com


6. Drawer Pull Jewelry Organizer

A beautiful piece using plywood, burlap, staples, ribbon and some drawer pulls. Staple the burlap to the plywood and drill holes where you want the drawer pulls to go. The ribbon is decorative and it allows you to hang the piece on the wall.


Via thriftyandchic.com

7. Knob too shabby

You just need to pick a flat board, the one used here is a bit rustic and natural looking which adds a real nice contrast to the soft chains hanged on it, but again that is up to you to choose, then get some decorative knobs which can be found really cheap in dollar stores or thrift shops, attach these two things together and that’s it.


Via visiblymoved.blogspot.com

8. Patterned Pull Organizer

.Earrings are kept organized on the drawer pulls ~ bracelets and necklaces are fit nicely on the knobs.


Via visiblymoved.blogspot.com

9. Jewelry Block

Never misplace your necklaces or bracelets with this fun and ultra-easy holder. It’s made from very simple materials that will cost you less than 15 dollars. If you have colorful jewelry this organizer will look especially amazing and fun to look at.


Via stylebyemilyhenderson.com

10. Velvet and Canvas Organizer

All you need is hunky velvet 12×12 canvas board, cream colored poly cotton string, two large black metal clips, two small canvas corp boards.


Via craft-o-maniac.com

11. Glass Plate Organizer

Starting with the widest plate on bottom, glue the shot glass in the middle of the plate. Add a plate on top and so on. Let it dry overnight, and then start adding your jewelry on it.


Via apinchoflovely.blogspot.ro


12. Box on the wall

In addition to using hooks for storing jewelry, you can also use small trays. They can be actual trays or you can improvise. You can label them so it’s easier to organize everything.


Via atimeforeverything.net


13. Box on the wall II

A jewelry box can also be a great solution for your problem. To make it, you’d need a wood crate, cork tile, fabric, cup hooks, T-pins, hangers and a hot glue gun. You can paint or stain the box if you want. The fabric will give it personality


Via abeautifulmess.com


14. Branching Out

 I love branches, especially as accents and I once saw a designer spray paint gigantic branches in a hot coral color, and place them in an urn on top of a piano in a very grand living room, it was stunning. While this look is a bit over the top for some, I have always wanted to spray paint branches to make them sculptural. So I was pruning my wild oak tree last weekend. It should be no surprise that I decided to use one of the Charlie Brown branches to make a jewelry holder.


Via centsationalgirl.com

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