10 Ways to Repurpose Glass Bottles

10 Ways to Repurpose Glass Bottles

Whether you are looking for a creative project involving glass bottles, or you simply have a few glass bottle that you have no idea what to do with, here you will 10 ways to reuse glass bottles that you might not have otherwise thought of, and spruce up either your home or backyard in your spare time and make it beautiful.

1. Etched Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser

Turn your old wine bottle into a fancy soap dispenser, with just 4 supplies.


Via livingwellspendingless.com

2. Glass Bottle Candle Holder

Add scrapbook paper to wine bottles and use them as interesting candle holders.


Via craftandcreativity.com

3. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Put discarded wine bottles and basic lumber to good use as a custom chandelier packed with Tuscan style.


Via diynetwork.com


4. Beer Bottle Vases

Who knew you could dress up a beer bottle and add it to your decor?!


Via trendhunter.com

5. Bird Feeder

Bird feeder made from glass bottle, plastic base, scrap wood, wire – diy, upcycle, reuse, repurpose, save the earth and feed the birds all at the same time.


Via rebeccasbirdgardensblog.com


6. Jack Daniels Lamp

This would be awesome in the game room/man’s cave DIY Lamp.. I made one of these using a demo wine bottle and it turned out great!! Just buy the bottle lamp kits at Walmart!


Via pinkandpro.com

7. Center Piece

$10 Easy DIY Bottle Vase Centerpiece. Easy way to reuse bottles and keep them neat.


Via shanty-2-chic.com

8. Tiki Torch

Turning a wine bottle into a torch is bright idea and creative reuse at its best… We love how moody, modern and a little industrial this idea is. Try it out on your porch or yard for a great green tiki alternative.


Via apartmenttherapy.com

9. Spray Bottle

DIY Glass Spray Bottle. I use essential oils when making homemade cleaners, and unfortunately, essential oils can eat away at plastic. Rather than keep the products in a plastic spray bottle, I use this instead.

SONY DSCVia thesproutingseed.com

10. Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses out of Corona bottles and use them for drinking and on taco night to put condiments and toppings in. They’re also a great gift!

11Via megjoinsthenavy.com

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